The problem with IceBox in the rap culture

It is a trend that music artists where nice clothes, nice jewellery and show off their expensive belongings all the time. They do it because that is what the culture is, to be flashy and arrogant. If you and I were wearing £120,000 Rolex’s we would probably do the same. I understand why they do it and I don’t necessarily think it is a massive bad thing. What I do think is bad though is the companies that are setup to prey on these young artists to spend obscene amounts of money, but give them a product that is way under what they paid for it. The problem with jewellery is that it can be priced up to any point realistically. It is one of those things that are valued by what the seller thinks it is worth, not by how much it is actually worth. The other problem which links into this, is that these artists only care about spending a dollar amount, they don’t say “I just bought a watch that has X amount of diamonds in it from this place in Africa, it was handmade” etc etc, they sound more like “This watch is worth £100,000”. You have someone who wants to overprice a product to make more profit and then you have the customer who is someone who only cares about the £ amount. You can understand the problem with this relationship.

These artists are getting ripped off by these providers and what pisses me off the most is the manner in which they do it. They have their sales assistants act like the artist who just came in is the embodiment of god reborn, then they stick to their side and pester them about what to buy, while feeding them little ego boosters like this would look good on you or you should buy this as well. Look on their YouTube channel and you will see the exact same thing. These rappers come in and mentally get sucked off by the employees at the store because they know that they’ve came in to spend some money. These guys and girls are doing it in plain sight as well with social media that has 100,000s of followers. It’s all a bit mad and I really feel for these rappers who go in and spend crazy amounts of money because they are not getting what they paid for in the slightest.

But these rappers will go back every time because the culture is that you have to be wearing the biggest chain with the most diamonds in it. While these companies have tapped into the market and are making bank off of exploiting young artists in return for fake love and obscene % markup on their products.