DJ Scheme – Preseason [Mixtape]

New tape from Ski, Danny Towers, DJ Scheme and Lil Yachty was released last week. I love the idea of smaller projects that just have a few lit songs. It’s fun and you know all these songs are going to do well at the shows.

The overall reception of the tape has been very positive especially since it is a lot of peoples first time listening to Danny Towers. His deep voice is an asset to the entire tape since it switches up the vibe considerably, a lot more intimidating than Ski rapping about “Tickle my pickle”.

Overall the tape was fresh and brought back the aggressive, angry, vibe that a lot of the old music sounded like. The feature from Lil Yachty fitted well and I think everyone performed great when it came to delivery and flow. A nice quick listen. Link to the entire tape below.