Lil Uber – Puerto Rico [Audio] | @WhyYStudios

An artist that we have worked to help grow a little bit has came out with a new track that we’ve got on our own channel. Puerto Rico by Lil Uber is a hidden gem that needs some more recognition. I found the artist on Soundcloud and after looking at 100’s of artists that had the same low quality, no production, no talent. I was blessed when I heard this track after that. The songs vibe has summer written all over it and the vocals of the song are what caught me the most. They blend with the production of the song very well.

The vibe is just right. It sounds good to the ears and it was a pleasure to create some visuals for it and turn it into a full-fledged music video, which you can find down below. I like finding these artists that have no more than 200 followers and seeing that they are actually making dope music and taking it seriously. We will be in touch soon and I look forward to uploading more content like this on our channel. Video linked below.