An old school artist who has pathed the way for spoken word mixed with rap. Akala is one of the only artists who talked about real topics. Back a few years ago there seemed to be more of a market for artists who can speak about something, where now a lot of people care more for a vibe. Looking back at some of Akalas work it seemed like he was someone who has always been very wise. He isn’t extremely young now and wasn’t young when he did his fire in the booths, but that is the main point, he struggled a lot in his early life and used music to share those experiences with others.

Akalas main strength is that he has wisdom and he has strong enough character to get that across to his audience by the way of is performances. What fascinates me the most about Akala is he has used rap as a platform for his other work to be more popular. He’s an activist, author, journalist and just preaches his beliefs about the world not just through rap but also with his other projects. A real special person can make an impact across several different sectors of media and that is what he has done.

The music that he has put out is hard for the time. His biggest songs were released well over 10 years ago since he focuses a lot on his activist work now. Someone like this should be featured on all platforms because he is spreading positive messages about trying to lower knife crime in the UK and racism, along with a whole bunch of other topics, he really is someone who will talk about how the world actually is and that is very respectable.