Tierra Whack

One of the most top growing artists this year, queen of freestyles and has made a name for herself off the back of her fast flow and killer lyrics, Tierra Whack has caught the attention of many after her music videos have reached millions of views with her also appearing on Colors and most recently the XXL Freshman list.

Her style is very unique with her switching from very melodic sounding raps all the way to a passive aggressive sound especially when she is talking about real topics. Her music videos are bare weird though, with the topics of the video being visualised in very odd ways. The Whack World video she released is testament to this, being that there was a collection of songs, only one minute a piece, and she would link them altogether as if she was telling one big story. An awesome idea that was executed very well. Her XXL performance was very good, outshined by Rico Nasty but still great.

I’ll link the big performance down below but overall if she continues the way she’s going she can be one of the biggest female artists, her visual style is incredible and I’m exited for future big projects.