Wretch 32

One of my favourite rappers that brought me onto the genre itself. Wretch 32 in my opinion is still underrated though. I think he hasn’t had enough respect put onto his music for how real his music actually is and what strikes me the most about the music he makes is the stories he tells. The video below is one of his best pieces of work, again has not received enough praise.

I think if the right opportunity presented itself Wretch would do incredibly well in the US. I really hope to see him collaborate with someone like YBN Cordae, that would be mad. Overall if you’re too much into the young scene of hip-hop music at the moment and wanted to listen to someone who originated the UK style, then I couldn’t recommend Wretch 32 anymore. I could sit here for hours writing about him but it is best to listen through this project that I’ll link down below and you can see for yourself how talented he is.