YBN Cordae

One of the best young rappers to come out of this generation. YBN Cordae is an old soul that we really should be grateful to have in this generation. He is a breath of fresh air when it comes to new age rap because some may only relate that genre to the Lil Pump’s of the world, so listening to Cordaes music reminds me that the youth can still compete with the old rappers that have disregarded the new music that has been coming out. The best thing about this is that Cordae has properly made the case for what I just said by addressing negatives of both the old and new generation in the video linked below.

What I love about Cordae is his rapping ability. He has that special sound to him that makes him unforgettable the first time you listen to him, the fact that he can take a beat that sounds like it should only be used in the 90’s and bring it back, add new age sauce on top of it, shows that he can really create a high quality song that is appropriate for a wide variety of listeners.

The fact remains simple, Cordae is someone who has started making music inside of the YBN group, yet has seemed to have outgrown the vibe of the group overtime. I think in the 2020 we will see one of two things happen, the entire YBN crew will drop a big project, or Cordae will leave YBN and just go by Cordae. I just simply think Cordae is too good for the group at this point in time. Is that a good enough reason to leave, maybe, but what I do want is for Cordae to do what’s comfortable for him and not be forced to carry other members careers. Link to new project below.