Do labels care about their artists?

Something that I have had several conversations with my friends, colleagues and fans of the platform about is the mistreatment of artists that are being managed by big labels. In this write up I will be talking about artists such as Lil Xan, Frank Ocean, Lil Uzi Vert and many others that simply did, or currently do not receive, the adequate help that is needed to better themselves as an artist.

So, what is the first positive thing that an artist can possess that makes him/her useful to big labels? BEING FUCKING ALIVE HELPS. Lil Xan is a perfect example of this, the dude has appeared in so many videos this year where it is apparent that he is not well. We know he, and many other artists, have problems with drug abuse and that, for some obscene reason, has became part of their style. It takes the piss, Lil Xan half the time is just a walking corpse that can’t seem to function as a normal person. There is obviously a lot of issues with the kid which have developed after his break out hit Betrayed featured on the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel. But for fuck sake the guy hasn’t got a single real person around him, similar to what Lil Pump has now, a bunch of yes men that have no actual care for an artist’s wellbeing. Lil Xan has come out several times and publicly stated that he is not mentally well. My question is where is the label in all of this? His manager? Friends? Family? The guy is in-front of millions of people every day due to his massive online presence but no one cares that he is always messed up because “It’s just part of the culture”. It blows my mind. This kid is going to end up dead the same way that many others have done, an intervention of this drug use must happen. I don’t care if he smokes weed or anything, but the more harmful, addictive stuff, must be flushed from his system.

Regardless I’m straying away from my point. The labels itself just see these artists as cash cows. I would question if they really care about the wellbeing of these people that they are investing millions in. I think these labels just see each new artist as a house, they buy it when it looks all basic and when no one is looking to buy it, they spend a ton of money doing it up and marketing it and when it is time to sell they just let it go without any care. There’s just no attachment from label to artists. Should there be? I don’t know, but what I do know is taking on a young adult that clearly has some problems and milking them for album sales, streams and exposure is just immoral, seen as they have the resources to help in their personal lives it is so wrong that they decide not to help them and just pump money into an area that can return them more money. The priorities to me seem backwards.

Also, from a creative standpoint, the artists that have signed deals with these labels for a long period of time and cannot get authorisation to release their music is absurd to me. I fully understand that the label needs to milk projects for all they’re worth to get their money back, but fully putting a halt on a project and refusing to release it, then the artist not being able to release it independently due to contract limitations baffles me. An artist is called an artist because they create art, in the world of music that art, being the music, is supposed to be heard by everyone who wants to hear it. I again fully understand the business sense to halting releasing of projects, but is it morally correct?

I could write a book about the music industry to be honest. I have no clue on some of the deeper things that occur within the business but I do know that there is so much shady shit that goes on its obscene.

Oh, UMG can also fuck off.