17 (XXXTentacion) – 2 Years Later

The debut album from the late artist XXXTentacion has just hit it’s 2 year anniversary with thousands of fans remembering the artist for how he influenced them and there was a lot of talk about how the project was very therapeutic for people especially from our generation.

When the album first came out it was greeted with very positive, yet confusing, reviews by a number of big music platforms and individuals with influence. I remember a lot of fans being confused that the sound of the album was not aggressive, buy melodic and emotional. Over time it became a classic for the whole new age genre to reference this album as the project that influenced the underground scene at the time.  But It went mainstream real quick.

I will link the entire album below but I wanted to pay my own respects to the legacy of X since the team at WhyY love his music and he was someone who the youth can relate to. It is a shame that he went out the way he did and after a year of being gone there may not be many songs left to release, but I hope that his music and influence on the music scene survives for a long while.