KSI is a person that I wanted to highlight on the blog not because he’s at the top of musical talent, lol, but what I admire a lot about him, and probably his greatest asset, is that he is up for anything that he personally thinks he can do well in and will go onto put stupid amounts of time into perfecting that one thing he wants to do. Persistence is a key attribute that KSI has taught me since watching him progress from bedroom FIFA vids all the way to fighting in boxing events with millions watching, appearing in movies and releasing an album. A pretty solid upgrade if you ask me.

The New Age album that he released with Randolph is actually a very solid listen. It is unfortunate that a lot of people will instantly right it off because it is made by YouTubers, but for the people who actually took in what was being said, the songs themselves are very good. I wanted to highlight JJ for some very positive character traits that have clearly been the defining factor in him becoming what he is today. The way he motivates himself to try new things and embrace them like he has been doing it for years is the main thing that has had a lasting impression on me.

I will link the New Age album down below; I highly recommend giving it a listen. I really want to push the podcast content that we have been releasing to get people like JJ on because being able to ask questions and have a general chat with him about business etc etc would be so dope.