Nick Mira

Nick Mira is one of the most known names in rap music in 2019. If you listen to any of the new upcoming hip hop artists you will hear the melodic, trap infused, beat in the background that some would say carries the whole song. Nick, currently 19 years old, is one of those producers who has changed the space in the music world for what is considered to be a normal sound. The massive Juice WRLD song, Lucid Dreams, which was produced by Nick, went platinum several times along with other songs on Juices two albums later on.

What impresses me the most about Nick is his mechanical skill making beats and his sharpness to understand what makes a beat sound awesome. Nick himself is part of the Internet Money collective which gave him the foundations to build a large catalogue of beats, which obviously taught him to be the most efficient and work with a wide variety of individual sounds. This all adds up in the long term because Nick now goes on livestream and spends a solid 10 hours making 10’s of beats. Some get used, some don’t. But the important thing is that he is still actively doing it, Nick hasn’t become complacent since his massive songs and new found fame. At that young age, only a year older than myself, Nick really has his sights set on something a lot bigger in the long term.

Overall it is clear to understand that Nick really is one of the prodigies that this musical generation has to offer so far. The younger generation in general have killed it thus far and I’m happy to be part of it and to have these individuals on the blog itself. I look forward to hearing the next tune he produces.