Isaiah Dreads – NO EGO (EP)

Isaiah is an artist we have a deep connection with at WhyY. With us being from the same place it is obvious that we want him to be the biggest success that he can be and the way he reps Dorset is beautiful to see. Isaiah recently released his project NO EGO, an EP of 6 songs that has features from artists such as Eyez, Lilly McKenzie and Jared Laville. The project was received very well within the UK scene and previous fans of Isaiah were eating up the new tracks.

The project itself was a combination of genres that encapsulated Isaiah’s impressive diversity as an artist. He could have decided to go down a route of only hip-hop related tunes but he made the conscious decision to allow different sounds onto the project. This gave a much more well-rounded feel to the project and made it much more listenable. The collaboration on 2AM by Eyez and Lilly really worked well with the overall vibe of the tune and 2AM, after a few listens of the entire EP, remains my personal favourite song on the album.

Overall, I’m happy to see that Isaiah is still grinding hard and continuing to build a name for himself. The appropriate links will be down below. Thanks for reading and make sure to take a listen to the NO EGO EP.