Isaiah Dreads – Oochie Wally Freestyle – Music Video

It’s been a little while since a blog post went out on the WhyY platform. We have been evaluating what we want to achieve long term with the project and we are slowly putting ourselves in a position to working with actual budgets and labels. Along with an attempt to break into commercial work.

Regardless we dropped a new music video exclusive to the WhyY platform. Isaiah Dreads is an artist that we have covered before on the platform but to be able to get hands on with him and produce a visual piece of work that coincides with his style is awesome. The Oochie Wally Freestyle is lyrically a great piece of musical content, touching on views that Isaiah feels very deeply about while his style portrays a sense of professionalism that many artists fail to incorporate in their songs. By this I mean that Isaiah has put a lot of effort into the delivery of his liens to make sure that the listener fully understands the points being made. Isaiah has done this on purpose to subconsciously let the listener know that he/she ought to listen to what is being said. 

We worked tirelessly on the visuals, with my personal favourite part being the animation of the van at the start, but one point I wanted to make apparent was that there was no plan to this video. Everything was improvised and while I agree that for budgeted videos you need a plan, but really great things come from spontaneously shooting and while reviewing the footage in the editing process you start to form crazy ideas about what you can do with the footage. Overall I think that something as interesting can be created from pencil and paper as it is with paper and a box of coloured pencils. You just have to be very different with your mindset while working with unplanned content, but it is sure fun to put it together afterwards and see a crazy idea come to fruition.

Many thanks to Isaiah for letting a small group of people work on a nicely sized project and we are very happy with the result. Link can be found below.