The Market of Selling Beats

Recently I have been getting more involved with the producers side of work that goes into making tracks. I am fortunate to have a good friend and member of WhyY that is incredibly talented at making music to shed some light on the complicated nature of putting together a beat and how they are viewed within the grand scheme of the music culture. 

I have noticed from talking to a number of producers that the general consensus is that they don’t mind not being in the spotlight. They would rather sit back and not have too many fans or expose their face and personal life too much on socials. I believe this mindset is both negative and positive for a producer. Positive in the sense that the producer and keep a level of privacy while also making a very good living making music and being part of big projects that can potentially be viewed by millions of people. While the negative is that they may miss out on extra earning opportunities because their brand wouldn’t be as strong as an artists brand. Producers may miss out on sponsorship deals etc due to their work being overshadowed in a way by the artist that is performing on the beat. Just not being in the spotlight as much will hinder the process of building a fanbase, not to a point that is bad for the producers career, but mostly it would be considered a slow burner process. 

Producers have the ability to blow up incredibly quickly, YoungKio is a brilliant example. He released the beat for Old Town Road just as any other beat that he released. Now it is sitting as the longest ever top 100 record of all time. It’s safe to say that there is a lot of luck involved with the selling of beats, but I strongly believe that producers make their own luck by making quality beat after quality beat and then marketing themselves well enough to get those beats into the hands of artists. Over time a producer that is releasing beats constantly will eventually get themselves to a level that they are hitting serious numbers in terms of views and revenue and will be noticed more by labels and artists who are always on the look for producers for their new projects. 

I plan to write a longer piece on the overall market of making and selling beats as it is a business my team are looking to get involved with. I’ve done countless hours of research into that market and it is one that can be lucrative to everyone that gets involved.