Rip Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD has been a figure that we have covered a lot on the WhyY platform. The simple reasoning for this was the extreme raw talent that Juice possessed and his ability to freestyle an entire album and make it high quality. The musical talent of the guy was unquestioned and it was recognised with the accreditation that his released music received. Many gold, many platinum. I’ve said before that young artists like this who have gone from unknown to international celebrities need the perfect team around them to make sure they act well and that they keep themselves well. The drug culture and glorification of substance abuse by record labels and the music culture is a joke. It allows the situation of artists being so doped up everyday normal, when it shouldn’t be normal. Doing anything now and then is perfectly fine, but the addiction that several artists have is so damaging that they unfortunately lead to situations like Juice.

Personally he was my favourite artist which influenced the amount that we covered him on the website. My whole team was disheartened my the news of his passing but for me personally is was very rough. Listening to songs like Rich and Blind and Lean With Me have completely different meaning now. A talent like Juice should have been heavily protected by his label and all labels seriously need to reconsider the use of substance abuse as a unique selling point. 

Rip Jarad.