A New WhyY

Due to the very strange circumstances that 2020 thrown up. We’ve had a lot of free time to think and come up with new plans for what we want to achieve with WhyY and the direction, commercially, that we want to take. Thinking of WhyY more and more as a business and brand rather than just a group of people who made cool visuals was the first step. Knowing that there is opportunity to build a legitimate fanbase and also to build a list of regular clients is very special.

From a brand point of view, I think that simply producing content exclusive to the WhyY platform is the main goal to build that fanbase. Growing our YouTube channel and main social medias are really the key goals right now for WhyY as a brand. Also, growing our team and becoming a key member of the culture is of upmost importance. To always have talented people around whether that is artists, videographers, audio engineers etc is crucial for our long term development and overall makes problems easier to solve. Whether it is exclusive music videos or starting some sort of original series revolving around our music artists, building that demand on the WhyY YouTube channel is definitely key.

Talking more business now, can be a bit more boring I know, taking over our local location in regards to being the “Video guys” is important for generating that consistent revenue that we would need to fund independent projects in the future. Building relationships with smaller businesses, brands and personal brands will be a longer process but definitely worth it long term. Being able to have a consistent stream of revenue from commercial video work would overall be a massive positive in every way.

Branding and building other brands is something that I wanted to touch on briefly as well. Personally, Martyn speaking, I love building businesses and building brands. It very much is a passion that I would love to turn into a form of income. There is nothing as exciting as putting together and executing plans to grow any sort of business. I think it is simply a love for building something from nothing. This is why a section of the work that we will be doing at WhyY will be providing services to help other small businesses and brands grow. From social media marketing, online content production all the way to sitting down with the owner and fleshing out a long term plan for the growth of the business from a branding perspective. How to make this business more attractive to customers/clients is the main question we will be tackling alongside those clients of ours. This again is something for me personally is super exiting and of course it will be, alongside video production, a way for us to generate more revenue.

So yeah, that is a quick summary of what is going on with WhyY. I don’t think it would be a great idea to go into too much detail because this would end up being a 10,000 word post, no one wants that. But as I think transparency is key within business I obviously want to keep you lot updated with how things are moving with the brand and to always keep the core supporters in the loop. Still spending a lot of time working on music videos, working with artists and staying heavily within the music scene, just with the commercial added on top to fill up the calendar and make WhyY more attractive from a business to business standpoint.