Importance Of Social Media Content Creation

Social selling through content

The social space has developed into much more than a safe spot to post selfies and cute photos of your pets. It is a simple human trait that we spend a lot of our time seeking acknowledgment from people we admire. Whenever we get a DM we dedicate our time to read it, whenever someone likes our photo we dedicate our time to look at it. These traits have been looked at by businesses and our view on what we like to look at has been chucked in front of us on these platforms by businesses who can curate content that gives us that same feeling of being personally connected.

Content that makes up the social media space is very meticulously thought out and planned more now than ever. Simply because if we see something we like, we will tend to explore it further, again another one of those human characteristics. This leads businesses to be able to funnel that traffic towards their product pages with the hopes of the potential consumer becoming an actual consumer. With that whole process starting from a piece of content that was made to look good for that particular audience.

The consumer focus has been targeted much more recently than I have ever seen before. Let’s look at Instagram for example. Recently they added a shopping feature to allow brands to get more value out of ‘social selling’ and to allow consumers to order products right after they see them on Instagram. From a point of view of someone who cares about bottom line, it is a fantastic play for everyone involved. Brands tend to have their biggest reach from Instagram but had to put procedures in place to try and direct that reach onto their website. But Instagram have simply put that extreme amount of power into the hands of these brands without any work involved.

Although, I worry about what this may do to the average consumers perception of purchasing products. Will it become normal to see something on instagram and order it within seconds? Will we see a common occurrence in consumers buying only from social media rather than visiting the websites? There are so many questions that can be asked and speculated about. For now we see a massive potential in increased sales for companies that already have a strong social media presence that sell products. With this will also come a big emphasis on perfecting social media content and optimising post advertising more.

Content Creation

We come full circle back to the original point of this post. The important of social media content creation. The importance of it cannot be stressed enough. A single post can bring traction to your socials the same way that paid advertising brings potential customers to your website. But the potential reach on social media is much more vast, just more harder to convert into sales.

Talking from a point of view from a person that values brand integrity and brand story, the idea of 100% genuine social media content is one of the most valuable things a business can have to show off. The content allows the customers to become fans, brings in people that cannot be targeted with online advertising and gives you a chance to interact with the community that you’ve initially created. All of this allows for a much better picture to be painted of your brand.

Audience engagement is the biggest positive that can come out of producing content catered towards your audience. The people that will be interacting with these posts would be people who have most probably purchased a product or service in the past, or are a potential customer that is checking back or someone who stumbled across the post. Whatever group the person falls into you want to make sure that the content is engaging and reflects the personality of the brand.

Creating because you want to

Having a recognised brand is very powerful. But having a reliable content creation system in place is more valuable. Knowing that you can create a piece of content a month in advance and for it to still be relevant is crucial to long term sustainable growth. This allows us to create content in advance to free up time for other ventures. More importantly however is creating content that you yourself would be interested to watch/read/see. Whether it is personal content or informational content, knowing that you are putting out content that can either inform or entertain people is crucial to the consumer interacting more with your content, but also for yourself while producing the content. If you don’t have any interest about the content that you are writing about then you will undoubtedly produce a lacklustre piece.

Creating because you want to is fundamental for long term success. A phrase I like to reference is documenting over creating. Documenting a businesses development is simple and efficient. You will always be developing your business, so finding a way to document that process is essentially free content. Just putting in the grunt hours to write/record. It is such a powerful tool that will draw in the crowd of people who are interested in seeing how a business runs day to day. If that content is produced as a from of video series, it has the possibility to be both informative and entertaining.

The idea that content should be pumped out for the sole purpose of ranking better is only a small part of the overall process. Content should reflect the personality of the business, building up a story and letting customers/clients/fans have that deeper insight into the processes of your business, which adds huge transparency, making the brand more attractive to viewers.