What To Post On Social Media?

Video, photo or written?

There has long been debate about what the best content format is. Written content has the possibility to be the most informative and hold valuable detail within it, since a long form post could be 2,000 words or more. Photo is one of the most common since it is easy to create and distribute. Video is a more complex type of content since it has the potential to be long form or short form, be entertaining or informational and made with super high production or simply live from your phone camera.

The argument comes down ultimately to what target audience you’re trying to break into. Older generations generally enjoy reading and seem to have a larger attention span for spending 10 minutes reading through a post. Whereas younger generations will move on swiftly if they are not mentally stimulated enough. A university student who best responds to visual learning material will be more inclined to watch a video about a subject rather than reading a research paper.

Each content format has a place within a branding structure. I believe that if you aren’t producing and displaying all forms of content on your website and socials then you aren’t truly maximising the potential viewership, which will ultimately reduce potential engagement and more importantly potential leads. The answer to this part of the question would be to create and share EVERYTHING. Written, video and photo should all be created and uploaded to its preferred platform. A bit of common sense would be good here, since we’re not going to go and post just a photo onto the blog page of the website. The same way we are not going to post a 2,000 word piece onto Instagram. Each format of content has a best position, it’s just working hard enough to get content out there for all platforms.

Keeping things fresh

Social media moves incredibly fast. In fact, the modern world moves incredibly fast now. If you are lagging behind with what you are talking about then you will simply receive no viewership. Why would I read the same article on this site when I’ve read the same thing on this site yesterday. Content creation around trends are very competitive and it is simply the case of whoever can get their piece of content out their first will get a bigger chunk of the viewership.

Since we have that in the back of our head now. Speaking about the modern style of content and what that actually means. Yes, the main part of the content is what will be of most interest to the viewer. But when we talk about modernisation and how that effects results we look at how all the little extras that go into a piece of content add up. Links, original photos, sources, quotes, pairing video and a whole host of little upgrades to a single post can really help with ranking and creating an overall enjoyable and professional piece of content.

This is where the idea of “keeping things fresh” comes from. I like to pair this with “going the extra mile” because all the little upgrades that I mentioned before are most definitely going an extra mile, or three. The importance of freshness within a post is related to a couple main points that have to be perfect in order for a piece of content to perform well. Relatability, transparency and timeliness. The readers must have a connection to what they are looking at otherwise they simply won’t care to read past the first sentence. If the content is not about a current topic then, once again, the reader will think “I already know this” and will move swiftly on. We really want to produce meaningful content that is current and reads easily. The same with video, nobody enjoys listen to a monotone commentator over some janky looking visuals.

Frequency of social media posts

Frequency is what kills a lot of content production strategies early on. A lot of effort goes into creating content that can be posted daily but after a long period of time the content becomes stale, the consistency drops off or the direction of the content steers into the wrong direction. Creativity is the biggest skill when creating any sort of content, you always have to be thinking of the next piece while writing the current piece. How can I turn this single piece of content into multiple? Being efficient with production is crucial and overtime a lot of the production naturally slows down, which is what you would want to avoid.

We know that frequency of posting is important. Uploading something once per month isn’t going to be enough, but uploading ten times a day is a direct path to burnout. Dependent on what industry you are in, the length of the posts in relation to word count or video length will have direct correlation to your upload frequency. If you are a producing content in a white collar industry then there will have to be extremely high quality pieces that are longer in length. Whereas a photography studio will care more about easy reading content and more focus on the quality of the visuals.

The overall long term process must contain enough content to draw considerable attention, be enjoying to create and be easily consumed by your target audience. If you aren’t enjoying what you are creating then overall productivity will drastically decrease. You will be more inclined to procrastinate and it to feel more like work when you’re not passionate about what you’re creating. Understanding early on that the cycle of producing content is never-ending will help you quickly put together strategies to make production a routine. The amount you are posting directly correlates to how many people are seeing your business, it’s that simple. The same way as spending longer on your drawing skills will make you a better drawer.