How Content Shapes Your Brand Image

The content of your business establishes tone and therefore impacts your audience’s perception of your brand.

As a writer and regular contributor to websites, I know how important content is for driving a brand’s success. The first thing viewers see when they look at a website or company is the branding itself i.e. the colours, themes, fonts and images used to represent the visuals.

From the branding, the audience gets an impression of what the company is like visually, but they also need words to define what their goals are. It is also important for the content to showcase the tone of the company, and how they come across in a personal way.

How does content establish tone?

When it comes to the tone of a company, this could be described as what the personality is. If you are being introduced to an individual, you are going to gauge what their personality is like and decide if they’re worth your time. The same applies when people view a company, since their tone is put across via their content. Thus, the content must reflect what personality they want to get across.

For clear content that sums up the business, users will often go to the ‘About Us’ page, where the company introduces themselves, sums up their goals, ethos, and crucially, gives viewers a first impression. As an example, My Little Eco Shop, a small business based in Devon, sells sustainable products for affordable prices. They begin their ‘About Us’ page with three statements on their goals:

In a world full of Plastic, let’s be different!

There’s no perfect solution but some of our choices are kinder and better for the environment than others.

Join Us in our mission to replace day to day plastic & environment damaging products to kinder and smarter options for our planet!

These lines distinctly sum up the business. Key words and phrases such as “different”, “kinder and better” and “Join Us” set themselves apart from competitors and show that they want to do good for the planet, while also not harming people’s bank accounts. In relation to their tone, My Little Eco Shop are clearly determined and good-willed, which makes them seem approachable as well as trustworthy.

In comparison, the video production company, Woven Films, establishes a different tone. Their aim is for clients to trust them to produce video content for them, so their website needs to represent their experience and creativity. Their website contains photos of their crew, logos of previous clients such as NHS, Forbes and Women’s Aid, and links to their Instagram which shows BTS stills of their crew on set.

The tone of the business is a professional one with a promise of high-quality services for their clients. At the same time, their promote their passion and creativity through their written content:

We are a video production company that specialises in short-form content aimed at boosting your online storytelling and growing your business. Our passion is pulling together the threads of your story to create films that are driven by powerful concepts and leave a lasting impression.

They have an articulate style of writing which puts across that creativity is of high value to them. Words like “powerful” and “passion” give an emotional impact and imply that they care deeply about their content. The fact they want to “leave a lasting impression” relates to the idea that content in general leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

On a similar note, their Twitter page has posts of their work on film sets. They tag the companies and individuals they work with to show how much they collaborate, as well as share photos of their crew during ongoing projects. As a result, their followers can understand they are consistently working hard and delivering project after project, reinforcing their passion and commitment to their skills.

How can content help your own brand image?

In terms of your own business strategy, it is important to ask questions on what values your company holds. What goals do you want to achieve? How would you sum up the tone of your brand? Once you have answers to those questions, your content needs to reflect that, in the way the above examples do.

You also need to know your audience. If you want to attract professional clients, high-quality content is a must, with a variation of content including photos, social media links, and professional standards of writing.

If you want to make your brand enjoyable and somewhere for people to come for information or advice, establish a fun or warm style with bright imagery and clear headings. Having a number of people on your team with different skills can help establish your themes in a variety of ways. From that point on, you must commit to your values as a company and represent them in the content you share.


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