Branding: Expectations vs Reality

Branding is a common term used in the advertising and marketing industry. But what exactly does Branding entail? 

Branding is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguishable from other products and services for the purpose of marketing. Branding can be done for an entire organisation or even an individual product or service from the same organisation. Branding is essential to make your product stand out in a market full of competitors. 

Although a crucial part of Marketing, a lot of obscurities surround Branding. A brand is not just a logo; it is the entire persona of a product. This includes the colours used to represent a company or product, the logo, the slogans or words used to describe a product as well as the name of the product itself. 

Here are things you can keep in mind to strengthen your brand for your company’s future:


Trademarking a name is a very important part of branding as it ensures that no one else in the market will use the same name for their product. One can do this through various agencies, to verify their uniqueness in the market. For example, no one else can use the name Burger King or even their product names like ‘Whoppers’.


When you see a Golden ‘M’, what is the first brand that comes to mind? McDonald’s is one of many brands that have been so successful in their marketing, that you don’t need much to identify them. Graphic designing for such logos is intricate and thoughtful as well as long term. You need to create a logo that will be your company’s representation for years to come because you can’t change your logo whenever you choose to.


‘Because You’re Worth It’, is a phrase we have heard in advertisements for many years. If you hear this phrase, you immediately know that the advertisement is about L’oreal. How is it that such a simple and common phrase can become such a crucial part of marketing for a company? It’s because the company has worked tirelessly for years to drill it into our brains. Many companies like Nike, McDonald’s, Nescafe or even Disneyland, all have catchy phrases you can recall easily.