5 ways Twitter is useful for your brand campaign

Twitter is a popular platform for connecting with others and boosting your profile, but how can it help your brand’s campaign?

Out of all social media platforms, Twitter is my personal favourite. Despite the vast amount of content, it’s perfect for networking, building a following, and staying aware of daily trends. As a screenwriter, collaboration is essential for my work, so I use my Twitter platform to connect with fellow writers in a quick and efficient way.

In relation to a business or brand, Twitter can be used for general networking and promotion, but there is more it can do to help a company over an individual. Here are 5 ways you can use the platform to boost your social media campaigns.

1. Networking

I have previously mentioned networking is valuable to an individual, but it is equally important for businesses. When you have a campaign, make sure to tag related companies in your posts with @, especially if you have already liaised with them in the past. If you know a company with a similar target audience to you, but is not a direct competitor, be sure to tag them too and see if you can begin a relationship with them.

2. Hashtags

This is an obvious tactic if you’re familiar with Twitter, but it a common mistake for people to leave hashtags out of their posts. Be sure to include 1-5 relevant hashtags in your tweets that relate to your business. For example, if your campaign revolves around selling eco-friendly products, use hashtags like #ecofriendly, #sustainability or relevant events such as #EarthDay.

3. Short and concise!

It can be seen as a negative trait, but the 280-character limit for tweets pushes users to sum up their message in a short and concise way. Short posts will grab the attention of users more easily than long ones, so keeping your posts brief and to-the-point is a plus.

Anything you want to add that can’t be included in your main tweet can perhaps be summed up in one of your hashtags. Alternatively, a separate tweet can be sent out on a different day with details you missed before, which means you have more posts, and therefore a more active social media presence.

4. Promoted/Sponsored Hashtags

Twitter themselves will often promote hashtags so they appear at the top of the trends list, as well as on users’ feeds. One example of this #TweetASmallBiz which allows users to promote small businesses, as the name suggests. Use hashtags that are sponsored or trending to jump on the bandwagon and promote your business as well as others.

5. Threads

In the scenario where you want to say is too much for one tweet, you can create a thread of information. Start with an introductory tweet stating your topic, such as a list of reasons to attend an event you’re planning. Then, use each tweet in your thread as a separate topic, just like a list.

Try it out!

It’s important to implement the use of as many platforms as possible, but Twitter is especially useful due to its consistent activity and vast community. It can also be a way to connect with your users in a friendly, approachable way, in comparison to LinkedIn which is more professional, and Instagram which is based more on images than networking.

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