3 tips for a successful blog

What three main tips are best for running a company blog?

A blog can be an extremely engaging part of your website. It can encourage a following of a large number and can be promoted over and over again whenever new content is uploaded. As someone who has run a blog and contributed to website content for several years, I’ll be sharing three simple tips to help you build your own blog, in order to represent your brand.

1. Know your voice

What kind of tone do you want to get across to your readers? How do you see yourself: professional, or laid-back and approachable? If you know the style of your blog, it will help you define your voice. For example, if your blog consists of how-to/help articles, your tone needs to be friendly and helpful, speaking to the reader directly.

2. Mix it up

Try to have as wide a variety of content as you can. Don’t just stick to one genre or topic: mix it up and make sure your content isn’t repetitive. Focus on an aspect of your company that you think might help your audience, or let them know more about your brand. Perhaps do an interview with a related company or individual, or write about something you learned recently.

3. Stay active!

I consider this to be the most important aspect of running a blog, and that is to make sure you’re uploading content REGULARLY. It can look unimpressive if your page hasn’t seen much activity lately, and viewers might not take you seriously if there isn’t enough content to see. Make sure to get as much up as possible, and stick to your deadlines. Publish a post daily, twice a week, or weekly, at the very least.

If you keep to these tips and find new ways to get creative with your blog, you’re sure to have a following. It’s one of the best tools for representing your brand and can also be great fun to get your teeth into.

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