Why video content is important for your website

In the world of short attention-spans and social media, videos are one of the bests ways to catch your audience’s eye.

For more than a decade, online video content has been growing exponentially, and is now one of the most popular tools for both work and creativity. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and has become so huge that it is now a platform for people to earn a living as YouTubers, content creators or streamers.

We also live in an age where social media and short-form content is the default tactic for brands to market themselves. As part of this, video content is extremely important, and this includes making them the forefront of your website.

It’s more effective than text

A user browsing a website is more likely to watch a video than read text. Images are also good to attract viewers, but the benefit of videos is they create an immersive experience and help build a connection between you and your clients.

As stated by Doug Ridley in his article, websites are “no longer static brochures” – they offer a more unique, “compelling experience”[1] to their users so they can stand out and invite people in. As an example, Yatta Studio, a production company for animation and art direction, has a bright homepage with a playable video displayed, with the tag-line: “we bring beautiful, meaningful motion to the stories brands want to tell.”[2]

Not only will animation draw viewers in, but the option to play a video is more enticing than multiple paragraphs of text.

Perfect marketing strategy

Video material is more likely to appear in search results, which can be effective for SEO/marketing strategies. As mentioned by Doug Ridley, “Google displays video in their search results, boosting your chances of being found for certain keywords.”[1] It is also a way to keep viewers interested in your content, making them likely to share your website with others and increase your click-through rate.

Engaging during a pandemic

During lockdowns, people have been online more often and as a result they are relying on visual content to keep them busy. As stated by Lucy Turner in her article, “the temporary closures of brick-and-mortar stores during the pandemic has left consumers craving the interaction with new products.” Thus, if you are selling physical products, it is a good idea to engage your customers with audiovisuals, or some kind of moving image, so that you can satisfy their needs.

This can include a video that automatically plays when users enter a website, which has been done for River Island, as an example.[3]

Video content is more crucial than ever

In order to engage your users, your website needs to be inventive. This includes strong visual content to entice viewers. Videos are among the most shared content on the worldwide-web, so it’s important to uphold this trend to make your own brand stand out.

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