About Us

Allowing our clients to understand who we are as an organisation is paramount to forming a positive working relationship. In this section you will learn more about what WhyY is and the people that are involved in the business.

Who we are

WhyY is a multi media company that specialises in music videos, commercial video, branding and business development. We also work heavily within the music industry, working closely with labels to insure artists have the visuals behind their work to add another layer to their credibility.

We pride ourselves not only on our creativity but our adaptability. We truly believe that no feat is too impossible to reach, which is why we have been, and will continue to, work with small brands and develop their ideas into tangible results, whether digitally or in the form of products/services. 

Exceptional Service

Whether it is producing a music video, or building a social media strategy from scratch. We pride ourselves on providing a professional service with excellent results.

Cutting Out Nonsense

At WhyY we hate delays. That's why we work to cut out processes that could make lead times longer than they should be, which allows us to focus our energy on the big picture.


The team at WhyY has known each other for several years, this allows us to work perfectly as a collective and allows us to sustain exceptional results with all projects.


At WhyY we value our clients and partners highly. No matter what size a project is, we will always put in 100% effort to meet client expectations.

Our Team

Martyn Rance

Martyn Rance


Martyn founded WhyY in early 2017 with the goal to provide journalistic coverage on his favourite artists in the UK scene. This passion for music combined with his love for creation quickly got him involved with directing music videos and promotional material for artists, which lead to the development of WhyY as it is today. Working on artist development, client management, video directing and overall business development. Martyn is heavily involved with both creative and commercial projects.

Jaidan Brown

Jaidan Brown


Jaidan is the 2nd person to join the WhyY team soon after Martyn. With a strong background in cinematography, video editing and post production he became the working hands behind a lot of the first WhyY content to be released. A strong camera operator with a keen eye for the perfect shot, Jaidan is an integral member of the WhyY team. His video editing style has shaped WhyY's content to be more unique and daring, putting us in a very positive place to create videos much more captivating.

Alistair Clark

Alistair Clark

Producer/Audio Engineer

Ali is a very important piece to the WhyY puzzle. Producing music for several years and being involved with audio production has made him a valuable asset to the WhyY projects that require additional audio processing. Since we record live performances and produce corporate style videos, audio quality is key. The skillset that Ali brings is crucial to cap off the trio of management, video and audio that we have as a small team at WhyY. Without Ali, the overall quality of the final product would be substandard.

Our key work areas

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Commercial Work

At WhyY we aim to offer the highest quality service and final product to our clients. Take a look at some of our previous work to see how we have provided businesses and personal clients a final product which helped them attract new customers.