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We find a lot of value in having great relationships with our clients. This means that our clients ought to know a lot about us as well. Have a browse to see a snapshot into WhyY and where we started from.

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Our COre values

Exceptional Service

Whether it is producing a music video, or building a social media strategy from scratch. We pride ourselves on providing a professional service with excellent results.

Cutting Out Delays

At WhyY we hate delays. That's why we work to cut out processes that could make lead times longer than they should be, which allows us to focus our energy on the big picture.


The team at WhyY has known each other for several years, this allows us to work perfectly as a collective and allows us to sustain exceptional results with all projects.

A bit about us

About Us & Our Strategy

Starting out as a video production company. WhyY was dedicated to producing some of the highest quality video material for small businesses and our friends in the music industry. Since all of our work was being uploaded to social platforms, we began to see the overwhelming amount of viewership that was possible from our content. We thought of how this could positively impact small businesses if there was a strategy in place to take advantage of the online worlds potential viewership. We have since put together a strategy that we believe can help organisations who don’t typically take full use of the online world.

Our Previous Video Work

How We Operate

In House Production

At WhyY we truly understand that hand crafting the best possible content possible is key for our clients success. Being able to make changes instantly and be hands on with unique ideas will lead to your content being much higher quality, which factors in to better performance results overall. We know that organic content will drive the best results on all platforms, which is why we keep it as a core principle in our business model.

Our Focus On Communication

Communication is where we thrive at WhyY. We aim to construct transparent and professional relationships with our clients. This allows us to openly talk about current situations, future prospects and changes to work day to day. We take pride in our reporting systems and aim to give clients what they need to know in plain English.

A Long Term Strategy

Part of our philosophy is understanding that short term results aren’t sustainable. We put a lot of time into developing long term strategies and understand that if a business truly wants to grow, online or offline, there must be a plan in place that can be followed with regimental discipline. 

Whether it is running Local SEO development onto your website or producing a corporate promotional video. The plan that we put in place will focus on the quality of the work at hand, so you will always receive a top level service with leading results.

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