Building Personality Within Your Business

Should businesses have personalities? The idea that businesses should act more as brands has been seen throughout the early 2010’s more and more. As a brand, you open yourself up more to communication with customers and the general public, interacting with these groups of people isn’t something that would’ve happened too much before the mass … Read moreBuilding Personality Within Your Business

The Market of Selling Beats

Recently I have been getting more involved with the producers side of work that goes into making tracks. I am fortunate to have a good friend and member of WhyY that is incredibly talented at making music to shed some light on the complicated nature of putting together a beat and how they are viewed … Read moreThe Market of Selling Beats

Is the online media surpassing the mainstream media?

There have been several events that have occurred in the last few years that have really opened my mind to how well the online community has grown and the numbers that these communities get in their niche is nuts. There are so many examples to go through, KSI vs Logan Paul was supported by Sky … Read moreIs the online media surpassing the mainstream media?


An artist I didn’t know too much about before listening to this single, the smooth soft sounding Skye released VOICES which features the late XxxTentacion. X is one of my favourite artists so getting a new track with him featured on it was awesome since the supply of his new music is dwindling. It is … Read moreSkye – VOICES (feat. XXXTENTACION) 

Isaiah Dreads – Oochie Wally Freestyle – Music Video

It’s been a little while since a blog post went out on the WhyY platform. We have been evaluating what we want to achieve long term with the project and we are slowly putting ourselves in a position to working with actual budgets and labels. Along with an attempt to break into commercial work. Regardless … Read moreIsaiah Dreads – Oochie Wally Freestyle – Music Video