Our Commercial Framework

At WhyY we aim to help businesses create stronger brand positioning while developing their online presence to help generate leads and build a more engaged audience. 

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What We Can Do In Short

From photoshoots, promotional video, advertisements, to visuals that explain company values and goals. It is crucial for a business to have the highest quality visuals to add to an already existing credibility. Startups and smaller brands require video to explain to new customers in the best way possible what their product/service is all about. At WhyY we value the work we do highly since it opens up doors for new businesses to be taken seriously, while also giving already existing businesses another layer of modernisation in an ever growing digital landscape.

Growing a brand is of utmost important for any sort of longevity. We know that customers and clients relate, trust and want to work with a business more when there is identity behind them. At WhyY we currently develop and execute branding strategies for our clients to get them to a point where their business has grown to be more than a business entity. Whether that is developing a social media strategy that builds character and story into the brand, or a content strategy to build upon strong brand foundations. It is essential for long term development.

Our Key Areas Of Interest

Brand Positioning

Developing your business’s  presence to be notable within your region.

Social Media Management

Building a strong foundation of engagement through your social platforms.

Local SEO

Making your platforms more visible through improved Google Ranking.

Video Production

Our bread and butter. Video production is at the core of our business with projects completed for established music artists, small businesses and brands. The idea behind why we take video so seriously relates to our understanding of how impactful it is when shown to a potential customer. A video of a product in use will greatly increase the potential of that product being sold versus a product description without video. We aim to add a layer of sophistication to our clients branding by being on hand to complete any necessary visual project you may need.

Content Production

Our main focus point within our work. Content production across all business platforms will be crucial towards meeting any of the goals we set out for our clients. Where SEO, Social Media, Video Production and Brand Development are the four walls of the house, Content Production is the floor and the roof of said house. Whether it is written long form content, promotional video material or photos for social media, the process of producing this content is all with the end goal of aiding visibility and growing audience interaction, which in turn, will greatly increase the number of potential leads that visit your website.

Social Media Strategy

It would be correct to assume that social media is playing one of the most important roles of any business process in recent times. It is seen as mandatory for your business or brand to have a constantly updated social media feed to keep customers and clients informed. However, sustaining this creation and sharing of content can be time consuming. WhyY’s understanding of social media dates back to its inception in 2017. Creating content and finding the best ways to market that content is a problem that we take on with open arms, we are specialists at modern problem solving and content creation, managing social media and sustaining account growth. 

Local SEO

Visibility is crucial within the modern day business environment. Falling behind competition by not having constant eyes on your product/service is detrimental to not only your bottom line but also to long term brand growth. Having a solid Local SEO foundation attached to your platforms will only aid in Google recommending your business to potential leads. Our process is to focus on developing the ranking of your business by following traditional SEO processes, professional writing, leveraging video, creating backlinks and creating engaging and informative content that makes the platforms valuable to the audience.

Website Development

“Your storefront without the storefront”. A modern website that is optimised for your target audience is one of the most valuable assets to have. Having a website that can convert visitors into customers while being a hub for valuable content will not only be a reliable homebase for visitors, but will also massively scale potential conversions with the right call to actions in place. Making your website conversion focussed, looking and performing better than competitors websites, will undoubtedly give positive growth towards leads and target audience viewership.