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Our Music Work

A key area of our business lives within the music industry. Music videos, artist development, artist promotion and building strong relationships with independent artists is at WhyY’s core. This section will showcase some of the work the team have been doing to help make WhyY a staple brand within the UK music industry. 

Music Video Examples

One of our more intensive edited videos is our green screen only music video titled ‘Country Boy’ by WhyY’s good friend Isaiah Dreads. This project gave us an opportunity to showcase our modern editing style and being able to literally take nothing, a blank green screen, and turn it into a captivating set of visuals behind a great song is very fulfilling as a group of creatives.

Our breakthrough came through working with a very respected artist named Eyez. His iconic track titled ‘Boxing Bars’ was shot on zero budget and yet was still published on GRM’s Premier platform. Our most viewed project to date with over 140,000 views and 5,000+ likes made this an instant fan favourite. Our ability again to make something out of nothing shined with this project.

A live performance from one of our independent artists Ruby shows how we can use the most basic of situations and equipment that is handed to us and still be able to create a captivating visual experience. Near to zero editing but a focus on camera movement and again keeping focus on the artists talent instead of directing attention elsewhere was key for this project.

Our first time working with the talented Isaiah Dreads again included a lot of editing, animation and visual manipulation to add an aura of uniqueness to the video. This project was shot in our local town of Weymouth so there is a lot of nostalgic feelings when the team watch this video back. But creating the opportunity for emotion to be expressed in our work is vital for longevity of our work.

Artist Management

At WhyY we facilitate the development of independent artists by simply building a strong relationship with them and working with them to develop a sound, look and style that they can present in visual work that most probably would go through WhyY. The artists that we take on are seen as important as the team themselves. Without musical talent to work with WhyY would not be able to reach the level of viewership we strive for. 

Being one of the only new age production houses in the South West, we are seen as homebase for a lot of independent artists who don’t have the resources or expertise to grow. We offer as much as we can to these artists with faith that they will be successful, which benefits both parties long term.

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