An artist I didn’t know too much about before listening to this single, the smooth soft sounding Skye released VOICES which features the late XxxTentacion. X is one of my favourite artists so getting a new track with him featured on it was awesome since the supply of his new music is dwindling. It is … Read moreSkye – VOICES (feat. XXXTENTACION) 

17 (XXXTentacion) – 2 Years Later

The debut album from the late artist XXXTentacion has just hit it’s 2 year anniversary with thousands of fans remembering the artist for how he influenced them and there was a lot of talk about how the project was very therapeutic for people especially from our generation. When the album first came out it was … Read more17 (XXXTentacion) – 2 Years Later

Craig Xen & XXXTENTACION – RUN IT BACK! (Official Video)

Firstly, uncle Tank is the most awesome thing ever. Jeez where do I start with this video. It wasn’t too long ago that Craig and X dropped the audio for RUN IT BACK a little while ago and since the fans are gagging for as much X music they can get the reception was overwhelmingly … Read moreCraig Xen & XXXTENTACION – RUN IT BACK! (Official Video)