WhyY is a collaborative multi media company that specialises in music videos, artist management, commercial video production, branding and business development while working towards building our independent platform to house artists we love. We strive to push creative boundaries and to share our unique visual content across the UK and worldwide.

Our last big project ------>

We were very fortunate to have a chance to work Derby’s own Eyez, one of the OG’s in the urban UK scene, on a recent single named Boxing Bars. Amassing over 1 Million streams on Spotify and our video hitting over 140,000 views, this fast paced video became a fan favourite with over 5,000 likes since release!

The work we love

  • Music
  • Management
  • Video
  • Branding
  • Business Dev

The core of our business. At WhyY the ultimate goal is to be an independent platform dedicated to showing off the best, most underrated, musical talent. To provide upcoming artists opportunity and also produce the most amazing visual content in the process is our calling. The music industry as a whole is much more than jobs for the whole team, it is a sector that we have the deepest passion and love for.

A crucial part of WhyY is our artist management department. We feel like much more than a production company. Providing support, putting together strategies and building great long term relationships with independent artists is very important in an age where signing to a record label is unnecessary for growth and success as an artist. But we feel like we can assist in those independent artists development and guide them in the best direction possible.

At WhyY we pride ourselves on our creativity and our ability to shoot incredible video. This doesn't mean that we are limited to music videos though. Our adaptability to almost any video project means that if you need a professional quality advertisement, product video, interview, property tour, promotional material we have you covered. Just let us know and we will work to create the best piece of work to enhance the look of your business/service/product. 

At WhyY we aim to find what makes your brand/business remarkable. Sitting down and figuring out the perfect look for your brand is of upmost importance to us. We pride ourselves on perfecting the fundamentals to offer you a seamless transition. We understand how important looks are when it comes to winning over and retaining clients. Whether it is a complete rebrand or a specific entity being improved, the team at WhyY are always available to help you make your branding ideas a reality. 

As a business, we care about other businesses. Whether it is a local family ran bakery or a multi million pound marketing firm. They all have a purpose. But businesses need help sometimes, whether it is a brick and mortar store struggling to setup their first online shop, or an enterprise struggling with creating an efficient social media campaign. The individuals at WhyY have the ability to bring fresh ideas to your business and push you through rough times that could otherwise be damaging. 






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Commercial Services

Social Media Strategy

Make sure your product/service is being viewed by your target audience.

Video Production

South UK video production team. Whatever professional video you need, we can create.

Business Branding

Helping you define your brand and to figure out the best way to bring value to your business.

Our biggest achievements

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Our aim is to become a leading media platform, providing exceptional services to our clients, while breaking down boundaries in the music industry. We want people to look at WhyY and see the industry standard.




I've been creating videos for several years, constantly improving and learning. WhyY is a place where we aim to do things in a modern way, while providing the best service possible and always meeting client goals.